Lensbaby Sol 45 and 22 Tilt Shift Lenses


Lensbaby has introduced a new line of tilt shift lenses, called Sol 45 and Sol 22, which aim to please photographers and video shooters working with a wide assortment of cameras.

The Lensbaby Sol 45 is compatible with Canon EF, Sony E and A mounts, Pentax K cameras, Nikon F mount, and Fuji X cameras. Each mount is identical in price. Here’s a link to all of them at B&H Photo.

The Sol 45 lenses have a metal body with full manual control (of course). They have a focal length of 45mm and a fixed f/3.5 aperture, an 8.5 degree tilt, 14 inch minimum focus distance, a filter thread of 46mm, and they’re made out of 3 elements in 2 groups, weighing 9.6 oz.

The Sol 22 lenses are similar to the 45, except they have a 22mm focal distance and are compatible with Micro 4/3 mounts in Panasonic and Olympus cameras.

Lensbaby is the premiere third party tilt shift lens manufacturer, based in Portland, OR. At a basic level, tilt shift lenses help photographers push their creative side with a particular image effect that’s hard to replicate with a Photoshop filter. The circular area in the center of the lens remains sharp, while the surrounding area transitions to smooth blur and bokeh.


Sol lenses also feature two bokeh blades, which can be moved in front of the lens to add a few subtle effects and texture to the bokeh.

There is not much difficulty in using a Sol tilt shift lens, but Lensbaby has done a good job of marketing just how easy it is. Just tilt the lens, focus on your subject, and shoot. Bam!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Sol tilt shift lenses, or hearing about more creative uses from pro photographers, Lensbaby has a nice webpage dedicated to the Sol line: https://sol.lensbaby.com