Aputure Store

Aputure products have quickly risen to the top of many videographer's buy lists. They have focused on just a few key products, and getting them right.

What separates Aputure from other niche manufacturers is that Aputure targets a very specific user base, and it's not the typical high-end Hollywood cinematographer. Aputure is going for the ambitious, up and coming filmmakers and videographers who want top quality gear, without spending a fortune. Turns out, that's a huge user base.

Aputure's quick rise to the top of the DSLR market was most evident this year at NAB, where they had a big booth right in the center of Central Hall. Right next to Atomos, Fujinon, ARRI, and major retailers like B&H Photo and Abelcine. Last year, Aputure was in a little corner far from the action. The year before, we don't even remember where they were.


Currently, Aputure is dominating the lighting market. Their upcoming Light Storm COB-300D is widely considered the most exciting light this year. The Light Storm LS1S is maybe the most popular light of the previous two years. They have much more up their sleeve.

In addition to LED lighting, Aputure also has a few solid audio products, some modifiers for their lights, a couple field monitors, some really nice lens adapters and variable NDs, and that's it... for now. 

Because their products are so in demand, sometimes it's hard to know what's available, what's in pre-order status, and where you can buy what. So to make all that simpler, we thought we'd make a post with all of Aputure's video equipment gear that are relevant to documentary and corporate videography, in one easy to peruse article.

Please note: products in Aputure's store that say "pre-order" often mean they're back stocked momentarily but will ship immediately when they're available.

Aputure Amaran Tri-8

The newest follow-up to the very popular Amaran HR672 series, which itself was the next generation of the AL-528 series, the Tri-8 features 888 LEDs arranged in a particular pattern that avoids ​checkered shadows.

aputure tri8

The biggest upgrade of the Tri-8 over the previous Amarans is the build quality. It has a durable metal construction like the Light Storms, but with a polycarbonate face that makes the whole thing indestructible.


The Tri-8 also features more durable battery connections. There's a clamp on the back for the AC adapter, and this time you can also power it via a D-tap to a V-mount or Anton Bauer battery. 

And just like the original Amarans, two Sony NP batteries can power the light as well, and Aputure even includes a pair in the package. 

The Tri-8 has built in handles to make it easier for you or an assistant to hold the light for long periods of time, or to easily set it down on a surface while it's pointed toward your subject.

That's a really nice addition, but it also might mean the Tri-8 will be more difficult to pack away into luggage or bags. Time will tell.


Aputure Amaran TRI-8S DAYLIGHT

Aputure Tri-8
  • CRI and TLCI rating of 97+.
  • Color balanced at 5550K.
  • Thermal management, solid metal build, PVC face for indestructible dependability.
  • 25 degree beam angle, 60W power, 7000 lux at 1m.
  • Includes EZ Box Softbox, a custom carrying case, diffusion screens, 2 Sony NP style batteries, a remote, V-mount or Anton Bauer plate, D-tap cable, and a light stand adapter.

Aputure Amaran TRI-8C BICOLOR

  • ​CRI and TLCI rating of 97+.
  • Very wide color temperature range from 2300K to 6800K.
  • 25 degree beam angle, 60W power, 6500 lux at 1 meter.
  • Includes everything that the Daylight version includes. such as the EZ Box Softbox, a case, diffusion, 2 NP batteries, a battery plate, D-tap cable, remote, and a handy tiltable light stand adapter.

Aputure Amaran TRI-8 kit 

aputure amaran tri8 kit ssc
  • ​Includes 3 lights total: two daylight and one bi-color Amaran Tri-8.
  • Comes with a custom built case to carry 3 Amaran Tri-8 lights and accessories.
  • Comes with 3 of everything, at a discounted price for an overall solid kit.
  • All three Tri-8 lights can be controlled with one included wireless remote control.

Aputure Light Storm COB 120

We've written about the Aputure Light Storm COB 120 extensively in this article. ​It was released only recently, and yet the demand for this light has kept it in and out of stock consistantly. 


If you do nothing else with this light except place an umbrella through it, it becomes a very lightweight yet powerful key light alternative to panels like the Amarans and Light Storm LS1S. But with the fresnel adapter and other Bowens modifiers, you can start to shape this light in many ways.

Just like the Light Storm LS1 panels, the power and battery adapter on the COB light hangs below, where you can attach it to the bottom of the light stand (hey, free sand bag). Or you can carry it in a backpack while hand holding the light. With the built in fan, this light stays cool and quiet and yet remains as powerful as many traditional fresnel lights.

Later this year, Aputure will release the much talked about COB 300D, which will have 2.5x the power at roughly the same dimensions. That's going to be amazing. But the 300D will require two V-mount batteries to run, so it won't be as compact and portable as the 120.

Aputure Light Storm COB 120 LED Fresnel

Aputure Light Storm COB 120D

  • CRI and TLCI rating of 97+.
  • COB 120D is daylight rated at 6000K.
  • Ultra silent fan, stays cool, is very lightweight and easy to use handheld or on a regular light stand.
  • Features an umbrella slot built-in for easy diffusion.
  • Uses a standard Bowens-S mount compatible with many lighting modifiers.
  • Includes a custom carrying case that can fit everything including the Fresnel attachment.

Aputure Light Storm COB 120T


Aputure fresnel lens mount


Aputure Light Dome

aputure light dome
  • Built specifically for the Aputure COB lights, but can be used with any Bowens-S compatible light.
  • Designed as a deep parabolic soft box producing soft, wrap around light and specular glow.
  • ​Double diffusers with highly reflective fabric work together to soften the light and eliminate cross lines.

​Aputure Light Storm LS1 LED Panel lights

​We've written a little bit about our experience with the Light Storm LS1 lights here, but we could honestly write a lot more about how much we love these. Fortunately, many others have praised these lights, so you can find many other reviews from documentary, corporate, and even narrative video shooters.

When it came out, the stand out feature of the LS1S was that it was the most bang for your buck ​in terms of light output, build quality, and design, versus its cost. Its honeycomb LED pattern packed so much more light output into a size smaller and thinner than the average 1x1 panel. Well, several years later, even with all the amazing lights coming out at a rapid pace, the LS1S is still high on the bang for your back value. 

Aputure Amaran Light Storm

We love the Light Storm LS1C because it's hugely convenient to have a super bright, bicolor key light to use on indoor interviews. But the LS1S is twice as bright at daylight, so it can be used outdoors, in addition to serving all your indoor needs, from direct keying to bouncing into a ceiling or board, or shooting through a diffusion screen.

It's hard to decide which one we like more - so we bring both to all our corporate video productions. In addition, we like to carry around a couple D-Fuse large softboxes that fit the LS1 lights perfectly. They're not much bigger than the panels itself, but they provide a lot of diffusion, so it ends up making the overall LS1 light a lot more convenient than pairing with a diffusion screen or umbrella.

As a bonus, the LS1 lights are sized pretty close to a 15" Macbook Pro, which has been a boon to us because we've got several Macbook Pro cases lying around, and it turns out the LS1 panels fit perfectly into these hardshell cases, like the Thule Gauntlet or Tom Bihn Brain Cell.

aputure light storm carrying case

Aputure LightStorm LS1s, Ls1C, and LS1/2w LED Panels

Aputure Light Storm LS1S daylight panel led light

  • The most popular Aputure light by far, and maybe the best selling LED panel for the past two years.​
  • 1536 LEDs producing one of the brightest LED panels for the size, weight, and price.
  • 10,500 lux at 1 meter makes it useful for both outdoor interviews, as well as indoors through a variety of diffusers or as a bounce light.
  • AC/battery and dimmer can conveniently be placed at the bottom of the light stand, replacing the need for sand bags.

Aputure Light Storm LS1C​ bicolor panel led light

  • Same design as the LS1S, but is color adjustable from 3200K to 5500K.
  • Beam angle is 45 degrees, compared to the LS1S which is 25 degrees, so it's more ready to use as a standalone panel without diffusion.
  • As an indoor interview key light with a diffuser, this may be the last LED panel you'll need for a long time.
  • Can be battery powered by V-mount, Anton Bauer, as well as the Sony NP to V-mount battery adapters, which makes portability simple and affordable.

Aputure Light Storm LS1/2W daylight panel led light

  • Daylight balanced and with a CRI of 98.
  • Features a 120 degree wide beam angle, intended to be used as a fill for wall bounce, green screens, backdrops, or anywhere you need a lot of light spread.
  • Durable construction and features the same controller box as the other Light Storms.

Aputure Light Storm ls 1 studio

aputure ls1 studio
  • Available in either the LS1S daylight or LS1C bicolor models.
  • Designed to be hung in a studio environment, with controls attached to the back of the panel.
  • Brightness and color can be adjusted with the included wireless remote, or with a DMX console.

Aputure Light Storm messenger bag

aputure light storm messenger bag
  • Designed to hold one Light Storm LS1S or LS1C, or two LS 1/2W lights.
  • Room for all related accessories.
  • Padded sleeves and dividers are nice for organization.
  • Features water-resistant PVC construction and rubber corners for durability.

Aputure Amaran HR 672 and AL 528 Portable led Panel Lights

We've essentially bought into the whole Aputure product lineup because of the experience we've had with the Amarans. ​We've used them extensively for nearly two years, and they've paid for themselves countless times over.

These lights are the smallest, lightest, and most affordable panel lights out there today, even after they were released a few years ago. They come with us to every shoot, whether we intend to use them or not. They're the size of a regular iPad, and weigh nearly nothing, thanks to their plastic housing. But their output and battery power with a couple Sony NP style batteries make them indispensable for any videographer today.

Aputure Amaran

Compared to the Light Storm lights and the new Amaran Tri-8 indestructible panels, these Amarans are, well, destructible. They are not built to be robust, and with our heavy use their 1/4-20 threads and battery inputs start to break down. But that's after using them ​literally hundreds of times, for thousands of hours. For the price, we believe they pack a lot of value, and we're okay with replacing them every couple years if need by (we still haven't had to with ours).

​The difficult decision when buying these lights is whether you want to save a little money and get the older AL-528 Amaran lights, and then which of the models you think you'll need: the spot, wide, or bicolor version. Luckily, Aputure sells these in kits, which makes those decisions a little easier. If you want to see our breakdown of which lights we recommend for what purpose, check out our article here.

Aputure Amaran HR 672 LED Panel Lights

Aputure amaran HR 672W daylight led panel light

aputure amaran hr 672w wide
  • CRI rating of 95+.
  • The W stands for its 75 degree wide beam angle.
  • 672 daylight LEDs output 2080 lux at 1 meter, and weighs only 1.3 lbs.
  • Comes with a very handy tilting light stand adapter, which we use all the time.
  • This is our favorite Amaran light.
  • Also comes with two NP-style batteries, and the AC adapter can charge these batteries when plugged in.

Aputure Amaran hr 672S daylight led panel light

aputure amaran hr 672s spot
  • CRI rating of 95+.
  • The S stands for its 25 degree spot beam angle, perfect for outdoor use or diffusing through a light modifier.
  • 672 daylight LEDs output a whopping 6040 lux at 1 meter.
  • Like the other Amarans, it includes a remote that can wirelessly control other Aputure lights for easy adjustment behind the camera.

Aputure amaran hr 672C bicolor led panel light

aputure amaran hr 672c bicolor
  • CRI rating of 95+.
  • The C stands for bi-color, with adjustable color temperature from 3200K to 5500K.
  • Beam angle is 75 degrees, with 336 Tungsten and 336 Daylight bulbs.
  • Max brightness is 1920 lux at 1 meter with both sets of bulbs at 50%. It's more like 1040 lux at daylight or tungsten.

Aputure HR 672 KIT - SSC

  • Comes in a kit with one HR 672C bicolor and two HR 672S spot lights.
  • Includes three of everything, including AC adapters, light stand adapters, and 6 Sony NP-style batteries.
  • Comes with a custom made carrying case that fits all 3 Amaran lights and accessories.

Aputure HR 672 KIT - WWS

  • Comes in a kit with one HR 672S spot light and two HR 672W wide lights.
  • Includes three of everything, including AC adapters, light stand adapters, and 6 Sony NP-style batteries.
  • Comes with a custom made carrying case that fits all 3 Amaran lights and accessories.
  • This would be the kit we would pick, since they all come with tungsten filters, so you have the maximum output and flexibility.

Aputure HR 672 KIT - SSW

  • Comes in a kit with two HR 672S spot lights and one HR 672W wide light.
  • Comes with a custom made carrying case that fits all 3 Amaran lights and accessories.
  • This is a great kit for anyone shooting outdoor interviews, or if you are comfortable using diffusers and modifiers for indoor interview scenarios.

Aputure Amaran Al 528 LED Panel Lights

Aputure amaran AL-528W wide

aputure amaran al 528 W wide
  • CRI rating of 95+.
  • The W stands for its 75 degree wide beam angle.
  • 528 daylight LEDs output 1220 lux at 1 meter, and weighs only 1.2 lbs.
  • Comes with a very handy tilting light stand adapter.
  • Includes both a plastic diffuser filter and a tungsten filter.

Aputure Amaran AL-528S Spot

Aputure Amaran AL 528 S Spot light
  • CRI rating of 95+.
  • The S stands for its 25 degree spot beam angle, perfect for outdoor use or diffusing through a light modifier.
  • 528 daylight LEDs output 4380 lux at 1 meter.
  • Like the other Amarans, it includes a carrying case large enough for the light and all the accessories.

Aputure Amaran AL-528C Bicolor

Aputure Amaran AL 528 C Bicolor
  • CRI rating of 95+.
  • Variable color from 3200K to 5500K
  • Output of 725 lux at 1 meter, at 4300K when both daylight and tungsten bulbs are engaged.
  • There are slots for connecting multiple panels together.
  • This Amaran offers the least amount of light output of the whole Amaran line, but the cost is quite low.

Aputure Amaran softbox diffusion and light modifiers

Aputure easy frost diffuser kit

aputure easy frost diffusion
  • Specifically designed for the Amaran HR 672 and AL-528 lights.
  • Provides 1.5 times diffusion, reducing harsh shadows.
  • It's compact and easy to setup.
  • The Easy Frost rods attach to the side 1/4-20 threads. So, if you like to attach your Amaran to a light stand vertically, using the side threads, you won't be able to use the Easy Frost.

Aputure EZ Box Softbox kit

aputure ez box diffuser
  • ​Designed for the Aputure Amaran lights.
  • Unlike the Easy Frost, the EZ Box is a full softbox that prevents light from spilling.
  • Compact and quick to setup.
  • Note that the EZ Box attaches to the side 1/4-20" threads, so if you like to attach your Amaran vertically to your light stand using these threads, you won't be able to use the EZ Box.

Aputure EZ Box+ Softbox Kit

aputure amaran ez box softbox kit
  • Designed to work with the Amaran 528, 672, and even the Tri-8 panels.
  • Compact and portable, but doesn't block the Amaran cooling vents.
  • In addition to the standard diffuser, the EZ Box+ comes with a 35-degree grid to control light spill and offer directional control.
  • Under 1lb for the whole kit.

Aputure on camera and miniature LED lights

Aputure al m9 pocket sized led light

aputure AL M9 mini light
  • Daylight rated with CRI/TLCI of 95+.
  • Built-in 1800mah battery with nearly 2 hour runtime at full brightness, 13 hours at minimum brightness. Can also be externally powered with any USB battery or charger.
  • Magnetically attachable diffusion and color filters (also included).
  • 1/4-20" threads, but also includes a cold shoe accessory mount.

Aputure al h198 Daylight

Aputure H198 C Bicolor on camera light
  • 198 LEDs with a CRI of 95+, 60 degree beam angle, and 920 lux output at 1 meter.
  • Can be powered by 6 AA batteries, or a Sony NP style battery. 4 LED indicator lights display remaining battery life.
  • Can be attached together with other H198 lights around the frame, to create a large panel without gaps or light leaks.
  • Includes a diffusion and tungsten filter, a 1/4-20" adapter, a cold shoe swivel adapter, and a carrying case.

Aputure al h198 bicolor

aputure al h198 on camera led light
  • 198 LEDs with a CRI of 95+, 60 degree beam angle, and 435 lux output at 1 meter.
  • A step-less color and dimming dial to adjust output from 0 to 100%, and fine tune color.
  • Powered by either AA or Sony NP style batteries.
  • Up to 9 H198 panels can be attached together using extension slots on all four sides of the light.

Aputure al h160

aputure al h160 on camera light
  • 160 LEDs with a CRI of 95+, 60 degree beam angle, and 750 lux output at 1 meter.
  • A step-less dimming dial to adjust output from 0 to 100%.
  • Powered by either AA or Sony NP style batteries.
  • Exact same size and weight as the H198, but with less output at less cost.

Aputure Deity Shotgun Microphone and Lavalier Audio Products

Although they pretty much have the lighting market on lock down, Aputure is quickly rising to meet videographers' audio needs as well. 

The Aputure Deity has been called many things - a Sennheiser MKH 416 clone for 1/3rd the cost, a copy of the Schoeps CMIT-5U shotgun, a perfect outdoor super directional microphone, a really great indoor loosely directional condenser...


Everyone hears and tests mics differently, so it's a matter of taste and subjectivity, but the frequency response chart doesn't lie. In essence, the Deity significantly outperforms anything else in its price range, and in fact it competes with shotgun microphones 3-6x its cost. That's an amazing feat, and Aputure should be proud for achieving this with their very first professional shotgun microphone.

Aputure also a handful of lavaliere microphones that offer an excellent value for their low cost. If you're interested in pairing a lav mic with a smartphone (instead of a traditional audio recorder), the Aputure lavs are a perfect match.

It's clear that Aputure is only at the start of their journey into professional audio gear, so this will be an exciting product line to watch. If their lights are any indicator, we can see a huge amount of videographers and filmmakers buying up Aputure audio gear in the next couple years.

Aputure deity and other microphones

Aputure deity condenser shotgun microphone

aputure deity
  • Supercardioid polar pattern provides directivity and minimizes ambient sounds.
  • Low coloration of off-axis sonic characteristics.
  • Low inherent self-noise for a detailed sound – resists RF (radio frequency) interferences.
  • All-brass body with rugged coating, gold-coated PCB board – handles the rigors of working in the field, even in humid environments.
  • Runs on 48V and 24V phantom power.
  • Includes waterproof case, microphone clip, and foam windscreen.

Aputure deity condenser shotgun location kit

  • Includes a Rycote shock mount and deadcat windshield.
  • The shock mount has a built in pistol grip for hand held operation.
  • This is a really good deal on a kit, and we've heard from many who have bought only the Deity microphone, but wished they would have sprung for the kit (which you can't purchase separately). 

Aputure v-Mic d2

aputure v-mic d2
  • On-camera shotgun with step-less sensitivity adjustment.
  • Flat frequency response, low self noise.
  • Low cut filter, to prevent noises such as air conditioners, traffic, or the camera and lens image stabilization sound.
  • Up to 9 H198 panels can be attached together using extension slots on all four sides of the light.
  • Two AAA batteries can provide power for up to 100 hours of use.
  • Includes a deadcat wind shield.

Aputure v-mic d1

aputure v-mic d1
  • Super-cardioid polar pattern, with low-cut filter, low self-noise, and RF Immunity.
  • Built-in shock mount, cold-shoe and 1/4-20" mounts, 3.5mm mini jack output.
  • Includes mic cover and dead cat windscreen.
  • Unlike the D2, the V-mic D1 doesn't have sensitivity adjustment.

Aputure A.Lyra

aputure a lyra digital lav mic
  • Broadcast quality omnidirectional digital lavalier.
  • Equipped with an Apple Lighting jack, USB-C interface, and a 1/8" mini-jack connector for smartphone and tablet use.
  • Supports live audio monitoring with a 3.5mm ear jack, with app support.
  • Rugged CNC metal construction.

Aputure A.Lav

aputure a lav lavalier mic
  • Omnidirectional professional lavalier, with a built-in lithium battery.
  • Has a swappable output connection, so it's compatible with both regular camera inputs as well as TRRS smart phone inputs.
  • Includes a USB charging cable, foam windscreen, plastic windshield, mic clip, tape, cable winder, and travel case.
  • Unlike the D2, the V-mic D1 doesn't have sensitivity adjustment.

Aputure A.Lav EZ

aputure a lav ez smartphone mic

Aputure camera Field Monitors

​External monitors have a place in pretty much every documentary or corporate or narrative video project. Most often, you'll see filmmakers use SmallHD or Atomos monitors on their DSLR, cinema, or mirrorless cameras, but they can cost upwards of $2500. That can be hard to justify if your camera costs less than half that.

aputure vs5 external monitor

So Aputure has filled the gap in the camera monitor market with their 7-inch VS5, VS2, and VS1 field monitors. They offer similar specs such as brightness, resolution, and exposure assist features as their more spendy counterparts, but at a fraction of the price.

That's why you'll see Aputure monitors on tons of social media posts, from people using the monitors on gimbal rigs, to RED shooters rigging Aputure monitors on their cameras. The VS-5, in particular, features SDI inputs which make it suitable for many professional videographers.

In the future, we'd like to see Aputure come out with an outdoor, daylight viewable monitor​, maybe even a 5-inch version like the SmallHD Focus (which we do a review of here). Time will tell what Aputure has in store for the external camera monitor world - maybe they'll flip the table entirely and introduce something completely different?

Aputure external 7 inch field monitors

Aputure vs-5 v-screen 7 inch pro monitor

aputure vs5 field monitor
  • 1920 x 1200 resolution with 160 degree viewing angle, at 450 nit brightness.
  • 3.5mm audio output.
  • Supports both HD-SDI and HDMI inputs.
  • Features waveform, vectorscope, false color, zebra, and histogram.
  • Push button slots for Sony NP style batteries.
  • Includes sun hood, carrying case, cold shoe mount, D-tap cable, two different HDMI cables, and USB flash drive.

Aputure vs-2 finehd 7" field monitor

aputure vs-2 finehd 7 inch monitor
  • 1920 x 1200 resolution, 160 degree viewing angle, 2.3 million pixels and 450 nit brightness.
  • Aspect ratio selection, center marker, monochrome display, histogram, peaking, false color, zebra bars, and audio volume.
  • Supports UHD input at 30, 25, and 24 fps, via HDMI.
  • Powered by a coax connector, or Sony NP style batteries.
  • Includes a cold shoe mount, sun hood, battery charger, D-tap cable, two different HDMI cables, and carrying case.

Aputure vs-1 finehd 7 inch field monitor

aputure vs1 finehd external monitor
  • 1920 x 1200 resolution, 160 degree viewing angle, 1200:1 contrast ratio, and 450 nit brightness.
  • Front panel mounted controls for power, input selection, and menus.
  • Powered via coax connector or Sony NP style batteries.
  • Supports UHD input at 30, 25, and 24 fps, via HDMI.
  • Displays safe guides, center marker, and monochrome display, with image flip.
  • Includes two different HDMI cables, cold shoe mount, folding sunshade, and power cable.

Aputure DEC vari-nd and Lens Adapters

​Last but certainly not least is Aputure's DEC lens adapters. Honestly, this is probably the most innovative part of Aputure's entire line of gear. They've solved one of the biggest issues plaguing DSLR and mirrorless cameras: the lack of internal ND filters.

Having to screw on external ND filters anytime you go outside, or change lenses, or even increase your light intensity is a  huge pain, and it's a big reason why we've moved away from DSLRs and into the Canon Cinema world. However, there's still something very attractive about using small cameras, and the Aputure DEC Vari-ND makes that an entirely different proposition. 

aputure dec vari nd

The Vari-ND goes in between your camera body and lens, so it stays on no matter what lens you choose to use. The ND is actually an electronic liquid crystal variable filter, offering a whopping 9 stops of neutral density. Aputure could have stopped there and we'd all be happy.

But the DEC Vari-ND also offers wireless control of your camera's aperture, focus​, ND, and start-stop record inputs. You can mount the handle via rosette to your gimbal, tripod, or on a director's or producer's monitor. It's a unique product that no other company has come close to offering, and it's why the DEC Vari-ND sold out within minutes of its official release.

The DEC Vari-ND comes in both a Canon ​EF/EF-S to Sony E-mount version, or a Canon EF/EF-S to Micro Four Thirds mount. So you can use your Canon glass on Sony and Panasonic (and other MFT mount) cameras. 

Among their other lens adapters, Aputure also offers wirelessly controlled lens adapters without the ND filter, and they also have a lens adapter that reduces field of view and increases maximum aperture of your Canon lenses, similar to the Metabones Speed Boosters.

Aputure DEC Vari-ND and Lens adapters

Aputure dec vari-nd (Canon lenses to sony cameras)

aputure dec vari nd lens adapter
  • Built in electronic variable ND, 9 stops of light adjustment.
  • Attach Canon EF/EF-S lenses to Sony E-mount cameras.
  • Remotely control focus, aperture, A-B focus points, and ND8 to ND2048.
  • Lens transparency up to 98%.
  • Controls available on the receiver and remote handgrip.
  • This is a must have for any Sony shooter with Canon glass, both for regular use as well as gimbal and shoulder rig operation.

Aputure dec vari-nd (Canon lenses to mft cameras)

aputure dec variable nd ef mft mount
  • All the same specs as the EF/E-mount adapter, but this one is for MFT mount cameras.
  • This is a must have for any MFT shooter with Canon glass, solving the problem of small MFT cameras lacking built in ND filters that the bigger cinema cameras have.

Aputure dec lens regain speed booster and adapter

aputure dec lens regain ef mft adapter
  • Functions as both a wireless follow focus, as well as a focal reducing lens adapter.
  • Allows you to use Canon EF lenses on Micro 4/3 mount cameras.
  • Reduces field of view of an EF lens by 0.75x, and increases maximum aperture by one stop of light.
  • Wireless control of iris, focus, and start/stop on the Panasonic GH4 and Blackmagic BMPCC.
  • The wireless controller has a 1/4-20" thread for easy mounting on a gimbal, director's monitor, or on the camera rig. 

Aputure dec lens adapter (Canon ef/ef-s to sony e-mount)

aputure dec lens adapter canon ef to sony e mount
  • Wireless follow focus and aperture controller, as well as lens adapter.
  • Control your lens from up to 328 feet away via a 2.4ghz radio signal.
  • Iris control provides a clicked response, and the remote hand grip displays lens info.
  • Includes a hand grip mounting clamp, spacer, charging cable, hard case, 

Aputure dec lens adapter (Canon ef/ef-s to panasonic mft)

aputure dec lens adapter panasonic gh4 gh5 micro four thirds