​​We love geeking out on new gear just as much as the next guy, but there is just so much video equipment out there, that we're always left wondering, what are other video shooters actually using today?

Sure, there's plenty of gear photo spreads on Instagram, and we love seeing them. But what is the reasoning behind those filmmaking kits, and how does any of it fit into a bag? 

And so we created Gear Dads, a site for working video producers who make a living from their equipment.

Documentary Filmmaking Kit

The gear dads mission statement

  • We write about video production gear that we use everyday on real world documentary and corporate or promotional video shoots. 
  • We buy things, we sell things, and we are always after the best and simplest kit we can achieve. What you see here is simply us documenting the process we already go through.
  • Over time we hope to share other reader's kits as well, so we can all benefit from seeing what other documentary and promo video producers are using right now.

But back to geeking out on new gear, which we still love to do. If you're interested in current video industry news and articles about the recent video equipment arriving on the market, Newsshooter.com is the very best site out there. (We also write for them on occasion).

who are gear dads?

Why should you take any advice from us? After all, our website name is Gear Dads. How professional is that? Well actually, our video company name isn't Gear Dads. Wait for it....

Gear Dads is run by a small video production company by the name of Video Dads.

Quite simply, we are a couple down to earth dads who make authentic videos about people. Here's a couple pics of us.

Gear Dads Slavik Boyechko

Slavik Boyechko

Gear Dads Travis Gilmour

Travis Gilmour

We could have called ourselves Global Filmmaking Group Ltd, or United Corporate Promotions Inc. We would appear to be much more professional.

But that’s exactly why big companies hire us to make videos that are real, honest and inspirational rather than sleek and impersonal. There are other advertising companies that do slick car commercials better than we ever could.

The truth is every company is made up of people - people who have families, personal passions, goals, not just job titles and talking points.

We call ourselves Video Dads, and this website Gear Dads, because in today’s world of industry websites and video marketing, it’s a hell of a lot more difficult to be authentic and real than to appear polished.

Over the last few years, we have produced, shot, and edited hundreds of documentaries for the web and television for PBS and station affiliates. We have also traveled around the country training professional video producers on the philosophies and tools behind our videos - essentially what you see here on this site.

Outside of documentary and news broadcast, we have produced promotional videos for many companies and organizations, from giant corporations such as Princess Cruises, to local nonprofits in remote Alaska. 

We also have a few Emmys to show for a few of our projects. As well as millions of views for a variety of our past videos.

Not that any of that matters all that much.

Gear Dads Emmy Awards

But enough about us. We want to hear from you! Please go over to our contact page and send us a question, comment, or if you've got a few minutes, a list of what's essential in your current video production kit, and we'll publish it here.

Thanks for visiting!​