Canon 18-80mm Cinema Zoom Lens

The Canon 18-80mm Cinema Zoom Lens is not cheap, but it might be the last lens you'll ever need for 90% of your documentary and corporate videography work.

Mikme Launches Silver Microphone, New App, and USB Mode

There’s a lot going on at Mikme recently, starting with today’s launch of the Mikme Silver Indiegogo campaign.Mikme Silver is a more affordable version of the original Mikme, which is known as Mikme Blackgold. The savings come from a smaller 2/3” Silver electret capsule, compared to the original 1” gold-plated condenser …

Luxli Cello RGB Led Light

The Luxli Cello 10-inch RGB LED light is the perfect entryway into the world of multicolored lighting for documentary and corporate videography.

Aputure 300D

The Aputure 300D is possibly the brightest, most versatile LED light today for what it costs. But does it replace other lights in your kit? Here's our in-depth review.

Video Production Services

There are hundreds video production services - how can you quickly pinpoint the type of video you want? This infographic will help videographers and marketing clients communicate exactly what they want to produce.

Sony A7R III Review

Is the Sony A7R III the greatest mirrorless camera Sony has ever made? Let's set aside the hype for a moment and review this camera from a practical perspective.

Aputure Light Storm LS 1/2 W

The Aputure Light Storm LS 1/2 W is a perfect light for wall bounce, backdrops, and especially green screens. We think it's a valuable addition to any established light kit.

Canon C200

How good is the Canon C200? We took it on the road for a hands-on review and comparison to our beloved Canon C300 mkII.

Mikme Wireless Microphone

Mikme is a beautiful wireless microphone that provides studio quality recordings for musicians, podcasters, and journalists on the go. But is it useful for filmmakers and videographers?